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OMG I am running a marathon! (What to do Before, During, and After!) – (Running Form Workshop) by northbrooklynrunners
October 16, 2012, 12:37 pm
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OMG I am running a marathon! (What to do Before, During, and After!)

October 17th, Wednesday, 8:30PM
McCarren Park Track after the Wednesday Night Run!

Whether it’s your first marathon, or your last (you swear!), come on our to this informal informational sharing workshop about marathons.

Bring some of your tips, and get ready to learn from others on:

  • Pre-marathon. What you can do NOW.
  • Just before the marathon. Like the night before. Like no eating beans.
  • During. However many hours or days it takes you, learn how to handle the beast.
  • After. What’s good for recovery.

Feel free to bring tips specific to share for NYC or just in general.We will meet after the Wed night road run in the core area. Come to the run and stay for the workshop, or just come straight from work in your fancy work clothes. Bring something warm in case it cools down. If the weather is miserable, we will reschedule for the next night.

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NYC Marathon 2012 Water Tables: Volunteer as a Team by northbrooklynrunners
October 9, 2012, 7:45 pm
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November 4th 2012,  Sunday – 7:00 AM – 2:30/3:00pm
Mile 11 & Mile 12


NBR is once again volunteering as a team and manning TWO fluid stations in North Brooklyn for the NYC Marathon! Mile 11 (S4th and Bedford) and Mile 12 (N12th and Bedford). It’s a fun-filled day of cheering, pouring water, and living vicariously through those 45,000 runners zooming by. Plus there’s no better way to feel the NBR spirit!

This year there are also a few additional volunteer roles that you may be interested, see descriptions on the form link below for more info!

Sign Up Here.

Details: -Call Time: 7am – Sunday, November 4 – End Time: 2:30-3:00pm (a little bit later than previous years, due to the additional wave start) – Volunteers must be at least 14 years old – We need 100+ volunteers total! – This does NOT count towards 9+1 volunteering credit, but will count towards our 2013 Team Volunteering credit. – NBR WILL REGISTER YOU– you do NOT need to sign up via NYRR. NOTE: Volunteers are expected to commit to the full day (it goes by faster than you think, and we will have coffee and breakfast snacks). If you cannot commit to the whole day, but still want to help out, let us know what you are able to do, and we’ll see how you can help– we can usually use a few ‘unofficial’ volunteers to help hand out gels and bananas, etc. to our awesome NBR marathoners! E-mail here.

Sign Up Here.


NBR Fall 2012 Town Hall Meeting by northbrooklynrunners
October 8, 2012, 11:34 am
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October 9th,  2012  Tuesday – 7:30pm
Parker’s Box193 Grand St. (between Bedford & Driggs) Brooklyn, New York

It’s time for the last Town Hall Meeting of the year.

There’s a lot going on this fall, so now is the time to come and hear what’s up. But that’s not the real reason to come!

New member? Google Group lurker? Have some ideas? THIS IS THE TIME TO COME OUT and share your thoughts, ask questions, meet new members, and get a better understanding of how NBR “works”. It’s not all just running you know!

There are a bunch of positions opening up in November (more about that later), and you may just be the perfect candidate. We also have some new leaders to introduce to you all!

Agenda to be posted in the upcoming week or so.  If you have anything you’d like to add to the agenda, please email here.

Bringing snacks is highly encouraged.  See you then!

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Jackrabbit Discount Night! by northbrooklynrunners
October 8, 2012, 11:33 am
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October 10th, Wednesday, 6:00PM – 8:00 PM

JackRabbit Sports42 W 14th St (between 5th and 6th Aves), NY, NY 10011


Jackrabbit night for NBR means 15% off when you say the code word “NBR” at the cash register. Sorry, this is not applicable on top of other discounts, but c’mon, 15% off! And this close to the marathon! Get yourself a new pair of sneaks (I’ve read that it’s ideal to have 50-100 miles on a pair of sneaks before running a marathon, though I don’t practice that…but a very good idea…) and break them in. Get some delicious gus, and those chewy chompers, and oh, there are so many delicious wonderful things.

This is only valid at the Union Square Location. Come between 6pm and 8pm. And come with a smile on your face! Yay, NBR!

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Ultimate Frisbee Match! by northbrooklynrunners
October 2, 2012, 8:07 pm
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The big Ultimate Frisbee Match against Prospect Park Pickup Frisbee!  Come on out, pick up a disc or just cheer on NBR!

This Saturday!!  1-4 PM    After party at Greenwood Park!

Want to join in the fun?  Sign up for the team here.


Happy Hour! by northbrooklynrunners
September 26, 2012, 1:24 pm
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September 28th 2012, Friday – 8:00PM
Warsaw – Greenpoint
261 Driggs Ave, Greenpoint 11222

Happy Hour this Friday 9/28, 8:00PM at The Warsaw.  The kitchen will be open so come ready to fill up on pierogies and polish beer!  Plus awesome NBR specials including $4 Jameson & Ginger and more!  So some out, grab a bite, and meet someone new!

Fifth Avenue Mile Team Points Race Brunch by northbrooklynrunners
September 20, 2012, 10:48 am
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Come one, come all to celebrate with your team after the Fifth Avenue Mile on Saturday! I learned the 5 W’s in elementary, so let’s apply them here:

Who: YOU and your NBR compatriots!
What: Mingling, race success-or-woe-storytelling, Consumption of delicious post-race indulgences
When: Saturday, September 22nd from 3pm
Where: Kent Ale House, 51 Kent Ave
Why: Because it’s FUN, damn it, just come!

Introduction to Chi Running – Rescheduled! by northbrooklynrunners
August 13, 2012, 2:03 pm
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Tuesday August 14th, 2012 – 8:30PM (After the Tuesday Night Run.)
McCarren Park Track

  • The highly efficient , injury preventative way to your best running.
  • Find your best running posture. learn to engage core functionally.
  • It will be an ‘active’ talk with posture work.
  • I’ll bring some Chi Running support materials (books, metronomes) for purchase.
  • I’ll give details on the types of classes/workshops I teach, should attendees want to explore further.

Presented by…Joel “Ironman” Matalon

We’ll be meeting at the core area post Wed-night run. This will be held rain or shine, but if it’s pouring/thunderstorming, it will be cancelled.

Join the Facebook Event.


NBR Volunteers @ The Ironman US Championships: Report by northbrooklynrunners
August 12, 2012, 8:37 pm
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Hey NBR Ironman Volunteers!

Thanks so much for sweating it out on a lovely Saturday yesterday at 116th and Riverside! You all handed out all sorts of things in cups like old pros, and I’m sure those Ironmen and Ironwomen couldn’t have made it through those last few miles without your enthusiasm, cheers, and ice water.

Aja’s Photos:

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

The Ironman staff was impressed with us (our awesome volunteering skills continue!) and they were in awe of our teamwork and organization– as I am always! I was also impressed by our extra-large pizza eating skills.

Thanks for your continued commitment to NBR and all of the zany things we do.

Much NBR <3,


Volunteer with NBR @ The Ironman US Championships! by northbrooklynrunners
August 2, 2012, 11:53 am
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August 11, 2012 – Saturday 11am-5pm
116th ST in Riverside Park

(you get to sleep in AND still have time for a nap afterwards before getting your Saturday night on)

We’ll be volunteering at the Ironman US Championships on Saturday, August 11 in Riverside Park. We’ll be at the aid station at the tail end of the marathon portion of the event, so it should make for some very interesting spectating and our famous enthusiasm and cheers will be much needed by the participants.   This is the first time (We think) this event is being held in NYC so it’s pretty awesome to be a part of it. 

Interested in signing up?  Please do so here.

We need at least 25 awesome NBRs and friends at this event.

Workshop: Introduction to Chi Running by northbrooklynrunners
July 20, 2012, 11:54 pm
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Tonight's workshop is CANCELLED! Our presenter called , asking to reschedule. 
Stay tuned to mid to late August for a new workshop!

Wednesday July 25th, 2012 – 8:30PM (After the Wednesday Night Run.)
McCarren Park Track

  • The highly efficient , injury preventative way to your best running.
  • Find your best running posture. learn to engage core functionally.
  • It will be an ‘active’ talk with posture work.
  • I’ll bring some Chi Running support materials (books, metronomes) for purchase.
  • I’ll give details on the types of classes/workshops I teach, should attendees want to explore further.

Presented by…Joel “Ironman” Matalon

We’ll be meeting at the core area post Wed-night run. This will be held rain or shine, but if it’s pouring/thunderstorming, it will be cancelled.

Facebook Invite.

Tonight's workshop is CANCELLED! Our presenter called , asking to reschedule. 
Stay tuned to mid to late August for a new workshop!

THE FIVE 2012 NBR TEAM MARATHON SPOTS GO TO… by northbrooklynrunners
July 19, 2012, 1:22 am
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The results are in and so is the confirmation from NYRR…

We have our FIVE awardees for NBR’s Team Spots for this year’s NYC Marathon. The secret allocation committee battled it out to get to these five awardees, making it hard to choose, so when you see these runners at the next group run, make sure to give them a good solid high-five– they deserve these spots for their dedication and commitment to NBR, as well as rock solid enthusiasm, and general NBR love.

Evan Schnittman

Helen Clarkson

Hendrik Gerrits

Miguel Rivera

Mike Darmetko

Many congratulations to you all and a special thanks to the allocation committee.

Now hit the road!


Report: 2012 Olympic Trials by northbrooklynrunners
July 12, 2012, 11:57 pm
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“Morning sir, headed to campus?” The shuttle driver was heavyset with sun-burned neck rolls bulging from his collared shirt and white hair mashed beneath a mesh truckers hat. Thick glasses could not conceal the openness of his demeanor. I nodded, smiled and told him that “yes, yes I was”. “Good, so is everyone else”, he told me, “Come on”.

“So has it been busy with the Trials going on?” I asked.

“Wooo-whee, is it ever! Been working 10-12 hours a day.”

“That sounds exhausting. You been following the events?”

“You bet I have. Say, you see that Ashton Eaton the other night? MAN, was he something. Broke the world record and all. He’s really got people talking around here.”

When I entered the dorm room that would be my accommodation for the next three nights, I grinned. Before me was the standard layout – two twin beds, two battered wardrobes and two tiny desks, all back-dropped by a wide, bright window. The grass outside was impossibly emerald. The sky (for now) was clear and sunny. Returning to this setting, nearly identical to my undergraduate institution, was a tremendously cleansing experience. Gone were so many of the concerns that life heaps at our feet in progressively greater amounts as we age. Instead, my most immediate concern was finding the dining hall and where to run. This wasn’t going to be a vacation. It was a rewind.

Memory is fickle. Only the most searing moments make it into our permanent record, the rest being displaced by a non-stop information avalanche. What qualities does a particular moment require to attain enduring character? Presence, for one. As dramatic as it appeared on television, only being present at the men’s 5000 meter final ensured it will become a lifetime memory. The night was full of imagery. The gutsy but ultimately doomed effort by Mohamed Trafah to go for the required qualifying standard even though it meant a suicidal solo run in the early stages. As he circled the track with his early, several-second lead, his expression was almost melancholy, as if simply resigned to attempting the impossible. There were also the extremely measured, superbly tactical efforts by hopefuls Ben True and Andrew Bumbalough. Both raced wisely, positioning themselves just off the leaders and noticeably maneuvering within the pack to maintain these positions. And of course, at the end of the race, it was the sheer speed and talent of the favorites that instantly shattered any illusions and drove the crowd into frenzy over the final 200 meters. I’ll never forget the exuberance of that moment with the entire crowd rising to witness the home stretch battle. I was high-fiving my neighbor and back-slapping my friend not because I was personally invested in Rupp’s success, but because we had chance to celebrate athletics at its finest – masterful preparation, intense contestation and the reward of effort.  These moments have the ability to breathe life into such worn and otherwise colorless credos by which we aspire to live.

Amazing things about the women’s 5000 meter final:

  1. With literally one footstep until the finish, Julia Lucas had 3rd place. Lucas’s foot that would cross the finish line was already off the ground before 3rd place finisher Kim Conley had begun her final step. Think about that.
  2. It almost didn’t even matter as Conley had not made the qualifying Olympic standard until that very race and only by the slimmest of margins – just 0.21 of a second!
  3. Most shocking to me was my own initial, slightly scornful reaction to Lucas’s third place finish. “How could she?” I found myself saying. I’m only human.

The next night I had dinner with the coach who once told me to “shut the fuck up”. It was the tail end of a 10 mile team run. Conference championships were less than a week away and our top runner had just sprained his ankle on a trail workout.  Coach Andy became especially infuriated at his own role in recommending that particular workout so close to a big race. So he was running with us now, keeping the group together at an easy pace and off the trails to avoid any similar happenstance. With a self-described chip on his shoulder since high school days, Coach normally earned wide latitude from the team on days like this. You might think the story ends there. But what would life be like without college sophomores! I was battling for nothing in particular at that point in the season – I certainly wasn’t going to fill #1’s shoes on championship day – and I felt a little bored by the leisurely road run we were embarking on. “Coach Andy, can we finish up on the trails?” I piped up. Nothing. Silence. Neither  Coach nor anyone else looked in my direction. Just sweat and breathing as we entered the last mile or so of the run. “I know a good trail we can take,” I tried again. If only  Coach had been wearing a heart rate monitor on that run… We passed said trail. “Hey, there’s the trail.” Suddenly he turned to me. He was shorter and stockier than I, a tough-guts kind of runner as opposed to lean-grace. From behind his partly fogged glasses he locked me in a death squint and said “Stowie, either go run on the trails by yourself or shut the fuck up”. I chose to shut the fuck up. Now, 18 years later, gathered around a table at a brewery in Eugene, the same squint was due only to a smile and the talk was of careers, kids and relationships. Of course running came up frequently but it was often in the context of attempts to recapture the past while dealing with the injuries or life circumstances that seem to intrude with increasing frequency. He wryly told us how he was going to start a running club called BTN. BTN? “Better Than Nothing” he laughed, “If you run once a week for even 10 minutes, you’re in!” When he told me about the first ever alumni cross country race he was planning to stage back on campus in the fall, I’d committed to it before he was done speaking.

With all due respect to Allyson Felix, the following day of competition was ruled by the magnificent women’s high jump finals. I don’t have a picture that does it justice but I challenge you to do a Google image search for Chaunte Lowe and tell me you wouldn’t want that woman at your birthday party.  Lowe set the tone for the event when she did a playful genuflection as 37 year old legend Amy Acuff was announced. She donned lipstick for the camera and scissor-kicked over the high jump bar during warm-ups. And she (along with second place finisher Brigetta Barrett) absolutely electrified the crowd with their jumping / impromptu dance routines. “High jumpers always have the most fun,” a high school track coach informed me. Indeed. I also loved watching the coach-athlete connection which was particularly visible in the high jump. Clusters of older men sporting college regalia were seated in the front rows. After one of the jumpers (usually a recent or current collegian) made her attempt, one of the old gruff’s would leap to his feet and approach the railing while she expectantly took up an opposite position on the inside of the track. Separated by 8 lanes and a wall of crowd noise, they would use hand signals to communicate the good, the bad and the changes needed.

There was more. Lots more. Starbucks flooded with track bloggers. A jumper sitting at the table next to me browsing her Facebook page. The swirl around the stadium on a daily basis with vendors of many stripes setting up tents – athletic clothing, a London-themed pub, organic smoothies, life insurance, the local community college. Relaxing in the dining hall enjoying plate after plate of food and trying to get my friend to hit on the cute girl serving it. And there was this – the night after the 5000 meter finals, my friend and I retired to a nearby watering hole for beer and burgers. The surrounding tables filled with spectators, coaches, officials and a few participants. After several rounds and a lot of great banter, we started the slow, wobbly walk back to our dorm room. We were on a narrow street adjacent to the track, silent and very dark except for the still glowing stadium lights. Suddenly my friend whispered “Look, it’s Lopez Lomong”. Sure enough, at approximately 10:30PM and hours after the conclusion of the race in which he finished 3rd to make his second US Olympic team, the former Sudanese refugee was out for a run. His easy, springy gait identified him even before we got close enough to wave and say “Good race” and see the gap-toothed smile. He floated past clad entirely in red – the red of his newly-earned 2012 Team USA warm-ups.

-Steve Stowe

Jackrabbit Hearts NBR! by northbrooklynrunners
July 9, 2012, 3:43 pm
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July 11th, Wednesday, 5:30 – 8:00 PM
JackRabbit Sports42 W 14th St (between 5th and 6th Aves), NY, NY 10011
You run, you probably need to buy running stuff  - and you can get 15% off on July 11th at the Union Square location by saying “NBR” to the cashier. This discount is not on top of other discounts, but still, good deal.
Head over there and buy some nip guards, some sports bras, some sneaks, whatever you like.


Facebook Invite.

NBR’S 2012 NYC Marathon Team Spots – Apply Now! (July 13th Deadline!) by northbrooklynrunners
July 4, 2012, 2:07 pm
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Hey NBR!

We know it’s later than last year, and apologize for the tardiness, but…

This could be YOU!

Thanks to our continued team volunteering efforts (NYC Half and Marathon Fluid Stations), we’ve (un)officially been awarded FIVE of those fabled team spots for this year’s NYC Marathon.

[Note: Number of spots to be confirmed by NYRR, this post will be updated accordingly]

Want one of those spots? Fill out this form no later than 11pm Friday, July 13th.

The NBR team spots will be selected by a top secret allocation committee and announced by July 15th so that awardees can start to get their training on.
Good luck!

Aja Marsh, Founder
North Brooklyn Runners

Do I have to have applied for this year’s marathon lottery to be eligible?
No, but it is preferable if you did.

If I am awarded a team spot, do I have to pay for my entry?

Is there any chance NYRR will give us more spots?
No, five is the max any team can get. (Yay for us!)

If I am a fast runner, will that help my chances?

What *will* help my chances then?
Participation in NBR via showing up for races and group runs, volunteering, helping out with projects and other activities, and general involvement. Being an NBR leader or run leader is also great, but not required.

Any other questions? Please email here.


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