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NYC Marathon Team Spot Check-In: Katie Winther! by northbrooklynrunners
September 20, 2011, 10:00 am
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The fourth in our Marathon Team Spot check-ins, we talk to the Tuesday Night drill sergeant run leader, Katie Winther!

Q: So unlike most people who knew they were going to be running the Marathon since earlier on in the year, you’ve only had since June to mentally and physically prepare. How do you feel?
KW: I’m feeling pretty psyched and appreciate being a procrastinator when it comes to the marathon. I’m not sure how I would manage if I had the marathon on the horizon since before June. Physically, NBR has helped make sure that I had the physical strength and now it’s just working on the mental side of running through a marathon.

Q: What’s keeping you motivated?
Not wanting to let NBR, or myself down. I have a goal and I am determined to try my best to make sure I get to the finish. Plus my mom is flying out to see this so I’d better at least finish.

Q: Do you have any mantras or catch phrases that get you through the long runs?
KW: I had a coach once tell me, “the will to win is worthless, without the will to prepare,” and for some reason that has always stuck in my head whenever I hit a wall. I just think of what’s on the other side and how I’ll get there.

Q: What of your training accomplishments have you been proud of thus far?
KW: Running 20 miles and afterward being alive and able to throw down at Beer Island.

Q: Do you have a favorite running route?
KW: My favorite route starts downtown and goes up the West Side Highway and then around Central Park and then back across the Queensboro to Pulaski to Greenpoint. It’s a favorite of mine because it covers so much of my own NYC history from where I used to live on the UWS to where I currently live now in Greenpoint– and everywhere in between.

Q: What’s your favorite way to refuel after a hard workout?
KW: People’s Pops or really anything cold and delicious.

Q: Have you picked out your “marathon shoes” yet?
KW: New Balance 890s.

Thanks, Katie! We always look forward to your chipper, and yet unrelenting, attitude towards hill repeats– see you out there!

NYC Marathon Team Spot Check-In: Alex Walsh! by northbrooklynrunners
September 6, 2011, 10:00 am
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The second in our Marathon Team Spot check-ins, we talk to the smiley and always positive Alex Walsh!

Alex (in dark blue) with some of his sources of motivation.

Q: So unlike most people who knew they were going to be running the Marathon since earlier on in the year, you’ve only had since June to mentally and physically prepare. How are you feeling at this point about all of this marathon business?

AW: I feel there is so much built up to the marathon, that I am happy I did not find out about my entry until June.  I had been running a lot and had a good base, so if I had not gotten into NYC I would have ran another fall marathon (however I am really happy to be running NYC with/for NBR).

Q: Do you have any mantras or catch phrases that get you through the long runs?
AW: Folk songs like, The Mermaid, “Oh the ocean winds may blow, the stormy seas may roll, bumph pha rump bump bum, but we poor sailors go skipping to the top while the landlubbers like down below, below below,” etc… there are many verses and it can be sung in rounds…

Q: What of your training accomplishments have you been proud of thus far?
AW: I am proud of myself after ever run, and thankful for anyone who accompanied me.

Q: Do you have a favorite running route? Why?
AW: I would usually list the trails around Lake Minnewaska, up near New Paltz, but lately I have been enjoying the company of other runners so I guess I’ll say whatever route the Sunday Funday Runday is taking.

Q: What’s your favorite way to refuel after a hard workout?
AW: Endurox/Accelerade. Healthy eating, stretching, foam roller, yoga.

Q: Have you picked out your “marathon shoes” yet?
AW: Brooks St Racer 5, otherwise known as my clown shoes.

Thanks Alex! Hope you’ve been teaching your Nite Owl and Sunday Funday cohorts the verses to your favorite folk songs so you can all sing together on those long runs!

Wayne’s Race Report of Vermont City Marathon – 2011/05/29 by northbrooklynrunners
June 9, 2011, 11:42 pm
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Memorial Day weekend brought four NBRers to Burlington for the Vermont City Marathon.  While the weather was less then desirable, the horrific forecast of the night before did not materialize.  The morning started with cloudy skies and the promise of a cool start.  But low and behold, 20 minutes to gun time brought a quick rainstorm.   Luckily we got the requisite NBR team photo in before the downpour.  Although the porto-potty lines were lengthy and forced me to hope in the corral with 5 minutes to go with a full bladder, it was a low key start.  I brushed passed Burt Yasso in the corral and cursed his 800’s under my breath.

Iman, Matt, Wayne, and Ellen

Wet feet and rolling hills were the theme of the first 10 miles crisscrossing downtown Burlington.  It seemed as though everyone in the city had come to cheer us on.  Crowds three or four deep in the downtown areas and that one drag queen dressed as a cop pushed the pace.  My pre-race strategy session with Vermont veteran Matt Decker warned me of the drums at mile 15.  They did not disappoint.  Minutes after I convinced a lonely locomotive engineer to blow his horn (arm motions mainly), I rounded the corner and heard the beat; Japanese tiako style and at the base of the biggest hill of the course.  They sounded mean and about as loud as that trains air horn.  What Matt had told me about them did not disappoint.  They helped power the runners over that monster hill.  That they were mostly 12 year old girls in samurai heads just added to the beauty of the moment.

From the hill at mile 15 to the finish the course is mostly flat.  But it’s also 11 miles to go.  That kind of did me in.  I crashed…  Walked for a bit, pulled it together after a few minutes and ran the rest at a much slower pace.  These neighborhoods were filled with friendly people with tables of water and oranges and candy and watermelon.  It was quite enjoyable and much needed as the sun had decided to make an appearance and the temperature was rising.  I just missed the beer table at mile 22.  The cops shut them down moments before I arrived.

The race finished on a grassy field on the shore of Lake Champlain after several miles on a wooded bike path.  These crowds again were fantastic and the finisher’s chute was short.  Although I did not PR, I had a great time and learned a bit about pacing…  Congratulations to Iman for a steller race (negative splits!) that qualified her for Boston.

-Wayne Pacileo

Last, First
Time OverAll
DIV Net Time City, State AG Time* BQ*
Decker, Matthew 3:23:45 216 179 / 44 M25-29 3:23:36 New Haven, CT 3:23:36
Wilkerson, Iman 3:28:34 259 48 / 10 F25-29 3:28:10 Brooklyn, NY 3:28:10 BQ
Pacileo, Wayne 3:49:53 564 434 / 61 M30-34 3:49:38 Brooklyn, NY 3:49:38
Smith, Ellen 5:38:18 2255 939 / 130 F16-24 5:34:18 Brooklyn, NY 5:34:18

2010 Here We Come! NBR “Town Hall” Meeting by northbrooklynrunners
November 15, 2009, 10:58 pm
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What: NBR General Group Meeting
When: Monday, 11/23 – 7:30-9:30pm
Where: Anita’s Apartment – S8th @ Bedford
RSVP: On Facebook invite or if you’re not on FB, email us to receive address (will send the day before the event)

After a very fruitful first year of existence, we’re looking to 2010– and we’re dreaming BIG! 1st Anniversary “Prom”, Spring Track Meet, fresh NBR gear, fundraising and more!

ALL MEMBERS WELCOMED AND ENCOURAGED TO ATTEND-– no matter your level of involvement with NBR up to this point! We have a lot of things we’ll need help with and we need EVERYONE’s ideas– this is really a great opportunity to get more involved! So bring your vision for NBR 2010– whatever you’d like to see us do more/less of, kinds of runs to have, etc. (If you have ideas but can’t make it, email NBR).

We really need all hands on deck to make 2010 AWESOME!

Also: Impromptu Running Mixtape Exchange! (I don’t know about you, but I’m getting tired of my running tunes, make a CD to exchange with other members).

Agenda Topics: (We have a lot to cover!)
1. In General: NBR now through end of the year
2. Educational Member Events
3. Social Member Events
4. NBR Gear
5. NBR Group Run Schedule
6. 2010 Race Schedule & Marathon Qualification
7. Brooklyn Cup
8. Spring Track Meet
9. Money Money Money
10. Get Involved! NBR Needs…
11. Other Ideas for 2010

The Marathon. by northbrooklynrunners
November 6, 2009, 2:24 am
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The road to the Marathon is long. The road on the Marathon is long. The road to recovery post-Marathon is long. Even those of us, like myself, who did not run the BIG RACE, are still reeling a bit.

So since everything to do with the Marathon is long, I’ll keep it short.

We had 19 ass-kicking North Brooklyn Runners members running the streets of NYC last Sunday and 20 or more NBR volunteers cheering, pouring water, and mixing horrifying quantities of sticky electrolyte fluid at Mile 12 on Bedford and N.12th on the Williamsburg/Greenpoint cusp for 8 hours straight.

We had no fewer than 3 or 4 people qualify for Boston (two of them first time Marathoners), and at least 6 NBRs who are planning to run that Marathon come April. This race got people sick. Sick with Marathon Fever. And the only cure is… MORE MARATHONS!

So whether you’re up for the rag-tag crew forming to run the NJ Marathon in May, joining the ever-growing Boston contingent, or have another spring marathon up your sleeve… you and your need for long, cold weather runs are well met here.

Some Mile 12 photos by Mike E. below and some photos by Karl here.
Also some local NBR Marathon press here.

Everyone is amazing. I <3 NBR!

Full Individual Results:

First Name Last Name Bib Place Gender
5 km 10 km 15 km 20 km 13.1 mi 25 km 30 km 35 km 40 km Minutes
per Mile
JOHN MCGARRITY 14977 1674 1586 305 3:09:47 3:08:30 0:21:38 0:42:35 1:04:09 1:26:03 1:31:00 1:49:12 2:11:57 2:35:16 2:58:11 7:11
ERICH ANDERER 13014 1717 1625 311 3:10:06 3:08:50 0:21:39 0:42:36 1:04:10 1:26:04 1:31:01 1:49:13 2:11:31 2:34:45 2:58:28 7:12
JOAO ENXUTO 4179 3378 3057 582 3:21:30 3:21:04 0:20:56 0:41:45 1:03:11 1:24:52 1:29:45 1:47:35 2:11:23 2:38:24 3:08:33 7:40
ERIC MALINOWSKI 18534 6490 5573 914 3:36:03 3:35:07 0:23:02 0:45:16 1:07:36 1:30:22 1:35:36 1:55:04 2:20:23 2:50:45 3:21:57 8:12
ADAM SALMONS 10737 6757 5778 663 3:39:12 3:36:14 0:24:08 0:48:09 1:12:28 1:37:19 1:42:38 2:03:03 2:28:42 2:55:50 3:24:01 8:15
ANNA MCCUSKER 23565 7340 1113 255 3:56:49 3:38:27 0:25:02 0:50:11 1:16:19 1:42:12 1:47:37 2:08:08 2:34:27 3:00:46 3:27:22 8:20
ANITA ONDINE 31935 8268 1311 230 4:03:25 3:41:34 0:25:38 0:49:26 1:13:40 1:39:11 1:44:57 2:06:39 2:32:49 3:01:28 3:30:15 8:27
CHERYL YANEK 9912 9699 1630 344 3:48:23 3:46:18 0:24:00 0:47:42 1:11:18 1:35:50 1:41:34 2:04:25 2:31:06 3:03:17 3:33:19 8:38
DEBRA TOMIC 14826 19814 4536 826 4:15:39 4:13:34 0:26:07 0:52:43 1:20:44 1:50:10 1:56:50 2:21:13 2:51:27 3:24:43 3:58:42 9:40
BEVERLY WALLEY 42869 22896 5648 1155 4:44:53 4:22:04 0:27:39 0:55:20 1:24:07 1:54:24 2:01:17 2:26:50 2:59:33 3:33:27 4:07:53 10:00
SHERRY ROSENKRANTZ 50738 23934 6050 1017 5:05:41 4:24:53 0:28:35 0:58:31 1:28:58 1:59:21 2:06:24 2:32:04 3:03:25 3:37:15 4:10:30 10:06
CRISTINA BUZOVI 48996 25136 6531 1336 5:14:17 4:28:04 0:30:45 1:02:25 1:35:10 2:06:59 2:14:13 2:40:30 3:11:41 3:44:00 4:14:51 10:13
JOHN GORDON 24351 35176 24291 4385 5:22:04 5:02:50 0:28:10 0:57:34 1:28:25 2:01:27 2:09:09 2:36:57 3:20:03 4:06:08 4:47:11 11:33

Mile 12 is Where the Party’s At! by northbrooklynrunners
October 31, 2009, 11:48 am
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By now you know that Mile 12 is the “official” NBR noise-making point for the Marathon. Wear your NBR shirt, come out, bring friends, shake a poster, play DJ, get rowdy!

Mile 12 = Bedford @ North 12th
The action starts with the bad-ass handcycles & wheelchairs around 9am, followed by Paula & co. around 10:15am, Ryan & the arm warmers around 10:40am, and “everyone else” right after until 1:30pm. The bulk of our runners will be passing by between 10:45am and 12:45pm.

NBR Love to everyone running! Kick ass!

Two NBR Events this week + Marathon! by northbrooklynrunners
October 26, 2009, 9:09 am
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Hey NBR!

There are two non-running NBR events this week plus renegade volunteers and cheerleaders wanted for the Marathon!

Spring Track Meet Meeting – Monday @ 7:30pm
Urban Rustic – 236 N12th Street (Driggs/Roebling)
A note from Matt: We’ll be talking about ideas for sponsors and we need a lot of ideas! Let’s also come up with an official name and date for the event. We’ve been talking to the powers that be in the neighborhood and we have mostly good news to report. Hope to see you there!
Email Matt if you have ideas for sponsors but can’t make it!

Marathon Poster Making Party – Wednesday @ 8:15pm
615 Union Ave., #1L (@ Roebling)
Let’s make posters to cheer on all of our 18+ runners doing the Marathon next Sunday! Cristina (who is also running the Marathon) has volunteered to host a Marathon Poster Making Party! Come after work or right after the Wednesday Night Run– she’s right by the park.

We need people to bring: posterboard, markers, poster paint?, ideas, snacks & drinks to share. Please RSVP if you can make it and what you will bring!

Renegade Volunteers & Cheer Squad – Marathon Sunday – ALL DAY
Mile 12 Aid Station – Bedford @ N12th
We need noise makers, cheerleaders, poster holders, snack bringers, PA tenders, and good spirits at our “official” cheer point in Williamsburg along the Marathon course. With 18+ members running the event and 20+ registered volunteers at the Mile 12 Aid Station, we’re primed to make a scene. If you have ideas for what you’d like to do, email us!

Even if you haven’t yet been to any events, we’d still love to have you out to any of these goings-on this week! And of course we have all of our normally scheduled runs this week as well. Looking forward to seeing you soon!

– Aja


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