NBR Board of Directors


Jen Herr

Joined NBR: 2014
Why I joined: Wanted a group to run with in the dark, and to race as part of a team

What I love about NBR: Our camaraderie! Our club is famous for supporting and cheering each other on. Also Thursday Nights at the Turkey’s Nest

Favorite Race Distance: Anything from 4 miles to Half Marathon (yay middle distances)

Favorite Race: Brooklyn Half Marathon

Best Running Memory: 2015 Salzburg, Austria Marathon - The hills were alive with the sound of music and ducks ran next to me  

Fun Fact: I was a bronze medalist at the 2016 Bedford Stuyvesant 5K

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Steve Stowe

Joined NBR: 2011

Why I joined: Relive the glory years

What I love about NBR: Extroverted introverts welcoming everyone to the most competitive, accepting, socially and culturally distinctive NYRR club

Favorite Race Distance: Half marathon

Favorite Race: I would marry the Brooklyn Half. we only dated once, in 2017, but it was enough

Best Running Memory: Watching Steve Fahmie unleash a series of right hooks into a van that made the mistake of making that left turn a bit too aggressively

Fun Fact: I do not run with a watch of any kind  


Linda Daniels
Team Captian

Joined NBR: 2009
Why I joined: To run with others and race as a team

What I love about NBR: Something for everyone (plus more!)

Favorite Race Distance: 4mile (short and sweet)

Favorite Race: Team Champs!!!!

Best Running Memory: Running with Rebecca Turnbull @ the NYC Half and picking up Matt Schenker on the way out of the park.

Fun Fact: Have registered for 2 NYC Marathons, have yet to run that distance!


James Chu
Team Captain

Joined NBR: 2010
Why I joined: Moved to Williamsburg and knew of Karl Paranya from college track.

What I love about NBR: Teammates

Favorite Race Distance: 800 meters

Favorite Race: Red Hook Crit, 5th Ave Mile, Brooklyn Mile

Best Running Memory: Making my marathon debut at the NYC Marathon 2013 without training and signing up for it the day before the race. It is still my marathon PR of 3:25.

Fun Fact: Used to be fat


Gregg Baldinger
Member at Large

Joined NBR: 2013 (spoke my first word on a run in 2015)

Why I joined: To get faster in order to qualify for the Boston Marathon and to meet John Slaski

What I love about NBR: What Sue said; Generosity (it's free! all volunteer led!; also amazing runners

Favorite Race Distance: 5K and Marathon; two extremes

Favorite Race: Tie between Berlin Marathon and New York City Marathon; will get back to you if I’m under 3 hours in Berlin, 2018

Best Running Memory: Running the Havana Marathon in 2015; run was awful but city was magnificent

Fun Fact: led Simon Sez in the Catskills for Jewish Singles


Christina Caira
Member at Large


Joined NBR: May 2013, after course marshaling/cheering my brains out at the Brooklyn Half

Why I joined: I had taken a long time off from running, and after getting back into, the Great Masha told me I should join up. I was initially nervous about meeting people / not being good enough, but I loved everyone I met, and felt such a great sense of community within the team. Knowing that I had a built in support network for waking up early to race was also a great bonus, ha. 

What I love about NBR: like I said above, the support and welcoming element within NBR is huge. I really think we have one of the best teams around. Also, I love feeling like I have a support network for being a nerd about running, just like I have a support network for being a nerd about music.

Favorite Race Distance: On a regular day, 5K or Half. They're both great challenges to work on improving your speed and endurance without committing to a marathon (although.... catch me on a sentimental day, and I'll tell you how much I love a good marathon).

Favorite Race: No fair! I have a few, but the two that top the list are the New York Marathon (this city is pure magic on Marathon Sunday), and the BMO Vancouver Half, because the course is just beautiful.

Best Running Memory: being able to train for and travel to run Boston a few years ago with some great friends, and the morning of the race, being able to stay in the house of Betty and Sterling Wyckoff.

Fun Fact: I once outran a girl I was neck and neck with in the 5th Ave mile after she pointed out that my shoelace was un-tied. Also, I play music.


Sue Walsh
Member at Large

Joined NBR: 2011
Why I joined: To get faster in order to qualify for the Boston Marathon
What I love about NBR: Generosity (it's free! all volunteer led!). And my teammates, who I love like family. 
Favorite Race Distance: The marathon–it's the most illogical thing anyone can do, but here we are keep coming back. It proves life is not about logic.
Favorite Race: Tie between Chicago Marathon and New York
Best Running Memory: Qualifying for Boston for the first time in the Berlin Marathon.
Fun Fact: My first marathon was Chicago in 1997, I signed up the day before with pencil and paper, and ran with only gun time in a cotton shirt.