Monday Morning Easy Run

Time: 6:45 AM

Distance: 3-4 miles

Pace: 8-10 minutes per mile

Effort: Comfortable

Workout Type: Easy/Recovery Run

Led by: Shawn and Ellen

Meeting Spot: Recycle bins at the north side of McCarren Park track

Come one, come all and start your week off in the finest way possible with the Monday morning run. We are a conversational bunch, hitting 3-4 miles at the roll-over-and-hit-your-snooze-once time of 6:45 AM. Could be a recovery after a weekend of hard running, or just a ‘start the week as you mean to go on’ type thing. We won’t judge.

All paces are welcome—we tend to run in the 9s, but we can speed up or slow down. We did core once, but it didn’t catch on—it’s Monday morning for goodness sake, how virtuous can you be?

Ellen and Shawn

Ellen and Shawn