Monday Morning Easy Run

Time: 6:45 AM

Distance: 3-4 miles

Pace: 8:00-10:00 minutes per mile

Effort: Comfortable / Recovery

Led by: Shawn and Ellen

Meeting Spot: Recycle bins at the north side of McCarren Park track

Description: Come one, come all and get your week off the finest way possible with the Monday morning run. We are a conversational bunch and it’s a nice easy start to the week, hitting 3-4 miles at the roll-over-and-hit-your-snooze-once time of 6:45 AM. Could be a recovery after a weekend of hard running, or just a ‘start the week as you mean to go on’ type thing, we won’t judge.

All paces are very welcome – we tend to run in the 9's, but we can speed up or slow down and everyone can be happy. We did core once, but it didn’t catch on – I mean, it’s Monday morning for goodness sake, how virtuous can you be?

 Ellen and Shawn

Ellen and Shawn