North Brooklyn Runners + Dashing Whippets RunVenture!


NBR + DWRT Runventure 2019


1. All answers must be submitted to with a photo attached. See each individual task for more details. Include team name and task number and/or name. Example: Team Alpha – Task 1 Alley.

2. Pictures must include all members of the team!

3. The moto is Strategy, Street Smarts, Speed. Speed being the last. Always follow general safety rules. No rogue racing. Speed is not crucial to win this. Enjoy friendly competition, and, most importantly, have fun!

4. Try to complete as many tasks as possible, including bonus points. Those are easy freebies for you!

***Quest Tasks***

Task 1 “Alley”
Take a pic in the most filmed alley in NYC. Street signs need to be visible!

Task 2 “Food!”
The very first food establishment of this kind was opened in NYC at the turn of the 20th century. Its main product is carb-y, easy, versatile and many times runners’ go-to food choice. Find the oldest food establishment of this type and take a pic in front of it, so the sign is visible.

Task 3 “Festival”
This festival is for celebration of faith started by followers of the Patron Saint of Naples, Italy. Take a photo of one of the many delicious (but probably bad for you) food stands.

Task 4 “Tong Gang of New York street sign”
Snap a pic of this infamous NYC street sign - named for an 18th-century Dutch immigrant; but remembered for “hatchet men” and bloodshed from various Gangs of New York.

Task 5 “A Modest Mile”
The stretch between Mile 10 and 11 of the New York City Marathon gets really quiet before the crowds and hipster music of Bedford Ave. The majority of this neighborhood’s residents belong to the Satmar sect, whose members came here from Romania and Hungary after World War II. Take a photo anywhere between Mile 10 and 11 of “A Modest Mile”. Cross-street sign must be visible!

Task 6 “Oldest bar”
There are 5 bars that dispute being the oldest in NYC. Take a photo in front of one of them. Bar sign must be visible!

Task 7 “River-crossing”
Take a group photo from one of the East River crossings with the best city in the world as a backdrop.

Task 8 “Running Store”
Find a running store and take a photo of the entire team acting as a window display doing your finest running poses.

Task 9 “Running with a rando”
Take a pic with a random running person - whom you don’t know, but they need to have proper running clothes and shoes(!) - and everyone on your team.

Task 10 “Handprints of the Stars”

Like Hollywood’s Walk of Fame, NYC has its own walk of fame, albeit only 8 stars. Take a pic of your hands or feet with one of the handprints.


Bonus Item 1 “Inaugural DW run”
Where did the first DW inaugural run take place? Take a photo within the route with street names being visible.

Bonus Item 2 “An Original NBR run”
One of the original NBR runs begins at this Plaza. Take a picture at this plaza with the "main" backdrop being visible.

Bonus Item 3 “Team aspect”
Take a pic representing NBR and DWRT team unity. Be creative!

An after-party at Amity Hall - exclusively downstairs