Monday Night Owls


Time: 9:10 PM sharp!

Distance: 9-10 miles

Pace: 7:30 minutes per mile + 

Effort: Hard

Workout Type: Fast Run

Meeting Spot: Recycle bins at the north side of McCarren Park track

Led by: Ben N., Ashley H.


  • The NITE OWL™ run is considered to be the greatest run that has ever happened in the tri-state area.

  • The origin of starting at 9:10 has been lost to time but it is rumored to have started with the knights of templar. Do some research, Dan Brown!

  • We list the pace as 7:30 minutes per mile, but its 9:10 at night so the sooner we are done, the sooner we sleep, so it usually ends up around sub 7. It’s not recommended as your first NBR run.

  • The route is the same every week: two laps of the Williamsburg bridge, but some people just come by for one lap and some have been so bold as to do three.

  • While mostly NBR members attend, members of other teams have been known to join. We encourage this—do stop by. We only ask that you earmuff when we discuss strategy (which is usually just to try and run faster).


  • Starts with one mile around the track

  • South down Driggs

  • Over the Williamsburg bridge and back

  • Exit bridge right at Bedford and down S 6th to Kent and back up S 5th

  • Then over the bridge and back again

  • Back up Driggs

  • Ends at the track with hand slaps

  • Bonus mile cool down around the track, for an even 10 miles

  • Followed by core for the hard core

LEGAL FINE PRINT: NBR: The NITE OWL™ is usually a small group and an aggressive pace. This run does not cater to all paces.
If you run a pace of 8-9 minute miles or slower, you are still welcome, but consider running the bridge once, or run the first half of the bridge twice. You may be running more on your own but you will get cheers along the way.

Please dress for visibility in the dark.