NBR Patches


Black Goat

Lead an official weekly run for 1 year or more. Does not have to be 1 run - ex. Lead 1 run for 6 months and another for 6 months. This patch is given once per person only.

Green Goat

Be an NBR Coordinator or Board Member for a year or more. Does not have to be one position. This patch is given once per person only.

Golden Goat

Volunteer for 5 events and cheer for 5 races. Does not have to be consecutive or completed within 1 year. NYRR 9+1 volunteer events are not eligible.

Silver Moth

Run 12/23 Patch Qualifying Races (see below)

Red Squirrel

Run 13/23 Patch Qualifying Races (see below)


In addition to club-points races, our "Team Race" list for 2016 includes events organized by NBR (McCarren Park Track Meet & McCarren Park 5k!) along with events held by and in conjunction with other local running clubs. We aim to promote friendly competition & great relationships within our NYC running community through participation in these races. Our 2016 Patch Races also encompass all Five Boroughs and we've included a wide range of distances ranging from track events to marathons.

2016 Patch Qualifiers

PPTC Cherry Tree 10M 02/14/16
Washington Heights 5k* 03/06/16
Scotland Run 10k* 04/02/16
NBR Track Meet 04/22/16
St. Nick's / NBR McCarren 5k 05/07/14
Dashing Whippets Track meet 05/14/16
Airbnb Brooklyn Half-Marathon* 05/21/16
NYRR Retro Run* 06/05/16
SBRC/Harriers Track meet 06/11/16
Harlem One-Miler 06/19/16
LGBT Pride Run* 06/25/16
NYRR Team Champs* 07/30/16
Dashing Whippets 5k 08/13/2016
Brooklyn Mile 08/14/2016
Percy Sutton Harlem 5k* 08/27/16
5th Ave Mile 09/03/16
Bronx 10mi* 09/25/16
Staten Island Half-Marathon* 10/09/16
Yonkers Marathon Weekend 10/22 & 10/23
Dash to the Finish 5k 11/05/16
TCS NYC Marathon* 11/06/16
NYRR Ted Corbitt 15k* 12/10/16
Brooklyn Marathon 12/20/16

* NYRR Team Points Race