NBR Patches

To promote friendly competition and great relationships within our NYC running community, NBR gives out patches to members who show exceptional involvement with the club.

Our "Patch Qualifying Races" for 2019 include events organized by NBR (McCarren Park Track Meet & McCarren Park 5k!) and some held by other local running clubs. They encompass all five boroughs and include a wide range of distances, from track events to marathons.

A couple of weeks before NBR’s annual “gala” the race coordinators will ask members to submit the list of races they have done and patches will be handed out at the party.


Black Goat

Lead an official weekly run for 1 year or more. Does not have to be the same run, for example, you can lead 1 run for 6 months and another for 6 months. This patch is given once per person only.

Green Goat

Be an NBR Coordinator or Board Member for a year or more. Does not have to be one position. This patch is given once per person only.

Golden Goat

Volunteer for 5 events and cheer for 5 races. Does not have to be consecutive or completed within 1 year. NYRR 9+1 volunteer events are not eligible.

Silver Moth

Run 12 Patch Qualifying Races

Red Squirrel

Run 13 Patch Qualifying Races

2019 Patch QualifierS:

PPTC Cherry Tree 10M 02/17/19 10 mi Prospect Park
Washington Heights 5k 03/03/19 5k Washington Heights
Sleepy Hollow Half Marathon 03/23/19 13.1 mi Sleepy Hollow, NY
UAE 10k 04/28/19 10k Central Park
McCarren Park 5k or 10k 05/04/19 5k McCarren Park
Brooklyn Half Marathon 05/18/19 13.1 mi Brooklyn
Dashing Whippets Track Meet 05/11/19 Track Events East River Park Track
Queens 10k 06/15/19 10k Queens
Brooklyn Mile 06/16/19 1 mi Brooklyn
LGBT Pride Run 06/29/19 5 mi Central Park
PPTC Summer Speed Series Any Event 5k Prospect Park
NYRR Team Championships 07/27/19 5 mi Central Park
Bed-Stuy 5k 08/04/19 5k Bed-Stuy
NBR Track Night TBD Track Events McCarran Park Track
5th Ave Mile 09/08/19 1 mi 5th Ave
Newport Liberty Half Marathon 09/15/19 13.1 mi Newport Pavonia
Bronx 10M 09/29/19 10 mi Bronx
Get To The Point 5k TBD 5k Greenpoint
Staten Island Half Marathon 10/13/19 13.1 mi Staten Island
TCS NYC Marathon 11/03/19 26.2 mi New York City
Pete McCardle Cross Country 12/08/19 15k (XC) Van Cortland Park
Ted Corbitt 15k 12/15/19 15k Central Park