Tuesday Morning 'Just Central' Run

Time: 5:55 AM sharp! (For the Winter)

Distance: 4 miles (give or take)

Pace: 8-10 minutes per mile

Effort: Comfortable

Workout Type: Fun & Recovery

Meeting Spot: Rocco's Pizza (Tompkins & DeKalb)

Led by: Jen, Pete & Eva Marie

Have to get to work early, or do you just like starting your day off while everyone else is deep in REM sleep? Then this one is for you! A fun group of runners from all levels take on the rolling hills from Bed-Stuy to Downtown Brooklyn and beyond in a conversational kinda way.

Sometimes we go up the stairs in Ft. Greene Park, sometimes we'll go to Bushwick, sometimes Pete tries to sprint up a hill, sometimes Jen forgets to make a turn, but more importantly...sometimes we go for DOUGHnuts.

We usually run around 8:30-9:30 minutes per mile. There’s always a group that hangs back if you haven’t had your coffee yet, and there’s some that go faster (but we don’t judge).

The start point is always the same. We post the weekly route to the NBR Google Group the day before so you can prepare, or just come and follow along. 

“Just Central” - The land between North and Just South



Jen, Pete & Eva Marie

Jen, Pete & Eva Marie