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Volunteer for The NBR NYC Marathon Fluid Station. by nbrwebjohn
September 29, 2014, 9:18 am
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Go here, select NBR Fluid Station, win a poncho.



NYC Marathon 2014 Fluid Station: Volunteer as a Team

November 2nd 2014, Sunday
7:00 AM – 2:30/3:00pm
Mile 12


We only have a couple of precious days left to sign up volunteers for the NBR mile 12 fluid station. After Sept 30, the door to sign up to volunteers at the NBR mile 12 fluid station closes for good. From one procrastinator to another: do it now! Even if you are not 100% sure you can make it, please sign up now so you will at least have the ability to volunteer with us. Here’s how:

How to sign up

1. Create an account at
2. Log in to your account and from the main page select VOLUNTEER, and select the FLUID STATIONS 2014 New York City Marathon.  (or use the QR code above)
3. Select the North Brooklyn Runners fluid station at Mile 12


NYC Marathon 2014 -Team Spot Check-in: Anna Spinner by nbrwebjohn
September 25, 2014, 8:00 pm
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With the 2014  New York City Marathon just over 5 weeks away, it’s time to check-in with our team spot awardees. First up is Anna Spinner.  You may have seen Anna scaling our city walls, but come November 2nd, you’ll be cheering for her running our city streets.   Take it away Anna….

NBR: Tell us a little bit about how you came to be part of  NBR. What was your first run? How long have you been involved?

Anna: I first heard about NBR several years ago from a friend and longtime NBR runner, Mark Saxon. (I’d been regularly jogging on my own for years.) I lurked on Facebook for a while before I showed up for a New Member Coffee where I heard about how many runs there are, and confirmed that there actually are a broad range of paces. (I’m on the slower side.)

After that, I started showing up for the Bridge Run. I was in and out of injuries for a while, but once I was back and started getting to know other runners, I began trying out other NBR runs and events.


NBR: How is marathon training going? Are there any specific workouts that are really moving things along for you? Tell the NBR world a good long run story.

Anna: Marathon training is awesome! Although it’s obviously a huge time commitment and really challenging, it’s also exciting. Even though the distance is intimidating, I love having a concrete goal I can work toward through incremental steps. Each long run gives me a huge sense of accomplishment.

I recently did my first 20-miler in two years. I was terrified, not just of the distance but that, because I was on vacation in the Canadian Rockies, I’d face more hills and higher altitudes than I’m used to. The day I was supposed to do my run, I did everything I could to stall on getting out the door. I changed my outfit. I had an extra snack. I drank more and more water to hydrate. I stalled more because I’d just eaten and drank too much water. But once I got out the door, everything was fine. The altitude wasn’t as bad as I thought, my course was far flatter than I’d anticipated, and I got a spectacular view of the mountains. After a 20-miler, I’m actually looking forward to the marathon

NBR: Which NBR runs are you attending regularly to train? Are there any NBR members who inspire you to train hard(er)?

Anna: I always do the Saturday Bridge Run, which I co-lead, and love because I get to see so many people out.  Besides that, I love the Monday Night Easy Run, and the  Wednesday night Beginner’s Run and Road Run. A lot of our runners inspire me. I am particularly amazed by our ultra-marathoners. Knowing that we have people who can finish hundred-milers, and then go back for more, makes 26.2 miles less daunting.

NBR: What does it mean to be chosen by your peers for a coveted NBR Marathon Team Spot?

AnnaI was so excited and honored to get a team spot. I’ve had my heart set on running NYC since I ran my first—and only marathon—two years ago. Getting a team spot reminds me that I’m running with the camaraderie of a huge group of runners all cheering each other on. I love that because there are so many of us training, even on my solo runs I see NBR singlets no matter where I am in the city or what time of day it is.


NBR: What do you plan on eating post-marathon? What about the night before?

Anna: Night before: pasta.  Night after:  More pasta. Plus wine. And ice cream. And maybe pizza.

NBR: Thanks Anna, we are excited you are running with us! See you out training and good luck on the big day!

See all current & previous Team Spot recipients and their check-ins here.

Blue Line Run Sign-Up! by nbrwebjohn
September 19, 2014, 8:00 pm
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October 19th, Sunday – 8:00 AM
Prospect Park Bandshell


FRNY is hosting their awesomely organized marathon training run, Blue Line Run on October 19th starting at 8:00AM. The run starts at Prospect Park and follows the NYC Marathon course. This long run is free and will have on-course support such as bike marshals, GUs and gatorade/water. More Information and Sign-Up here.

NYRR Fifth Avenue Mile Post Race Brunch by nbrwebjohn
September 11, 2014, 8:00 pm
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Back to back club points races?? How’s anyone supposed to recover from that? Oh, I know! Join us for the post race brunch!

So you’ve just ran a whole mile! I hope you stuck around long enough to watch and cheer on most of the other heats where your fellow NBR-mates were battling it out for glory. Maybe you’ve even stayed around to 1pm to watch the last of the professional ladies cross the finish line. Well nothing will satisfy that need for speed you now have like a giant beer and sausage at Spritzenhaus (hey we gotta run for something, right?)
This one’s a little later so you can catch all the action, including the pros.

NYRR Fifth Avenue Mile Post Race Brunch
Saturday, September 13th
2:00 PM
33 Nassau Ave & Guernsey St

Volunteer for The NBR NYC Marathon Fluid Station. by nbrwebjohn
September 9, 2014, 8:00 pm
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Join us on November 2, 2014 for our annual NYC Marathon fluid station. We manage the loudest, best looking, and most cheerful fluid station over 26.2 miles!  (We are a bit biased.) NYRR has reopened volunteering slots for mile 12. Go to My NYRR to sign up today! Sign up until September 30.



NYC Marathon 2014 Fluid Station: Volunteer as a Team

November 2nd 2014, Sunday
7:00 AM – 2:30/3:00pm
Mile 12


Please note: We are volunteering for team spots. You cannot use this towards your 9+1 for the 2015 marathon, but it can help you earn a coveted NBR Golden Goat patch..

To Volunteer, Please sign up at My NYRR and be sure to select North Brooklyn Runners Fluid Station.

  1. Login to My NYRR
  2. Select Volunteer Menu.
  3. Select NYCMFuildVolInstr1
  4. SelectNYCMFuildVolInstr2
  5. Select Next and Finish….

If you’re part of a group that wants to get involved, we’d love to hear from you. Drop us a line at and learn how you and your group can be a part of the marathon excitement.

NBR Chicago Marathon 2014 Limited Edition Singlets pre-order. This week only! (9/12/2014) by nbrwebjohn
September 8, 2014, 8:00 pm
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NBR Marathoners,

You’ve been training all Summer. Chicago Marathon is only a few weeks away and we want you to show what Brooklyn is made of! Specifically while sporting a Limited Edition NBR Chicago Marathon Singlet designed by NBR’s own John Riccardi!


The pre-order is now open. Please make sure to order yours by Friday 9/12/2014 so we have enough time to print these before the big day!

Pre-order here:

Go team!

Gear Shop:

NYRR Club Points Race Autism Speaks 4 Miles of Hope 2014 Brunch by nbrwebjohn
September 4, 2014, 8:00 pm
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Marathon training season is a perfect reason for you to race a four miler this weekend! That’s right it’s time for another team points race this Saturday. You know the drill. Come out to run it, come out to cheer it, come out to volunteer it, come out to support the great cause behind this race. But of course, after all that, join us for brunch! We have a whole backyard reserved, so let’s pack it with NBR. Your regular social crew guys are sadly all running other far off races in neighboring states, so special thanks to Erica and Jeffrey who have stepped up to get things going.


Autism Speaks 4 Miles of Hope BRUNCH
Saturday September 6th
12:00PM – ??
Biblio (N6th btwn Beford/Berry)
60 South 2nd Street


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