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NYRR Fifth Avenue Mile Post Race Brunch by nbrwebjohn
September 11, 2014, 8:00 pm
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Back to back club points races?? How’s anyone supposed to recover from that? Oh, I know! Join us for the post race brunch!

So you’ve just ran a whole mile! I hope you stuck around long enough to watch and cheer on most of the other heats where your fellow NBR-mates were battling it out for glory. Maybe you’ve even stayed around to 1pm to watch the last of the professional ladies cross the finish line. Well nothing will satisfy that need for speed you now have like a giant beer and sausage at Spritzenhaus (hey we gotta run for something, right?)
This one’s a little later so you can catch all the action, including the pros.

NYRR Fifth Avenue Mile Post Race Brunch
Saturday, September 13th
2:00 PM
33 Nassau Ave & Guernsey St

Volunteer for The NBR NYC Marathon Fluid Station. by nbrwebjohn
September 9, 2014, 8:00 pm
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Join us on November 2, 2014 for our annual NYC Marathon fluid station. We manage the loudest, best looking, and most cheerful fluid station over 26.2 miles!  (We are a bit biased.) NYRR has reopened volunteering slots for mile 12. Go to My NYRR to sign up today! Sign up until September 30.



NYC Marathon 2014 Fluid Station: Volunteer as a Team

November 2nd 2014, Sunday
7:00 AM – 2:30/3:00pm
Mile 12


Please note: We are volunteering for team spots. You cannot use this towards your 9+1 for the 2015 marathon, but it can help you earn a coveted NBR Golden Goat patch..

To Volunteer, Please sign up at My NYRR and be sure to select North Brooklyn Runners Fluid Station.

  1. Login to My NYRR
  2. Select Volunteer Menu.
  3. Select NYCMFuildVolInstr1
  4. SelectNYCMFuildVolInstr2
  5. Select Next and Finish….

If you’re part of a group that wants to get involved, we’d love to hear from you. Drop us a line at and learn how you and your group can be a part of the marathon excitement.

NBR Chicago Marathon 2014 Limited Edition Singlets pre-order. This week only! (9/12/2014) by nbrwebjohn
September 8, 2014, 8:00 pm
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NBR Marathoners,

You’ve been training all Summer. Chicago Marathon is only a few weeks away and we want you to show what Brooklyn is made of! Specifically while sporting a Limited Edition NBR Chicago Marathon Singlet designed by NBR’s own John Riccardi!


The pre-order is now open. Please make sure to order yours by Friday 9/12/2014 so we have enough time to print these before the big day!

Pre-order here:

Go team!

Gear Shop:

NYRR Club Points Race Autism Speaks 4 Miles of Hope 2014 Brunch by nbrwebjohn
September 4, 2014, 8:00 pm
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Marathon training season is a perfect reason for you to race a four miler this weekend! That’s right it’s time for another team points race this Saturday. You know the drill. Come out to run it, come out to cheer it, come out to volunteer it, come out to support the great cause behind this race. But of course, after all that, join us for brunch! We have a whole backyard reserved, so let’s pack it with NBR. Your regular social crew guys are sadly all running other far off races in neighboring states, so special thanks to Erica and Jeffrey who have stepped up to get things going.


Autism Speaks 4 Miles of Hope BRUNCH
Saturday September 6th
12:00PM – ??
Biblio (N6th btwn Beford/Berry)
60 South 2nd Street

Kick Clinic Recap by nbrwebjohn
August 29, 2014, 8:00 pm
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NBRKickClinic2014 (10)As a follow up to the Kick Clinic, Theresa and James have put together an excellent write-up with some key points, great things to keep in mind regarding form, and even some links for further study and practice. I’m printing this out and keeping it on my desk. It’s that good!


Once again, a huge thanks to these two, and to all that came out.



“remember, you always have something left”

One of the most salient qualities of the race that differentiates it from the workout (or any other measured hard effort) is the opportunity it provides to “go to the well” – to reach beyond a previously established personal limit and set a new one.

Every runner has the capacity to dig deeper and reach higher. While some runners have a higher fast-twitch muscle count and therefore natural speed, anyone can increase their top-end speed.


Acknowledging that the mental, psychological, and physiological systems are inextricable, the purpose of this clinic is to provide a set of tools designed to engage and re-train our neuromuscular pathways to develop greater running efficiency and quicken the recruitment of fast-twitch muscle fibers during a fatigued state.


Practice: (Practice, practice, practice. Learn by doing. Muscle memory!) It’s the common denominator between the fastest elites and the most recreational competitors. Because we are retraining neuromuscular pathways, the benefit of doing these exercises is only as great as the level of dedication you put into them.

Mindful: It’s not about “working harder”, “gutting out” or “enduring more”.  When it comes to this practice, train your brain to think “finesse”, “lightness”, “quick, quick, quick”… These are the mantras at the root of speed. It’s not about total force generated, rather about the quickness of that force generation. The less time your feet linger on the ground the less opportunity you give gravity to weigh you down.

Decisive: In the basketball, soccer, football players all use this same mindset and neuromuscular training to shake-n-bake defenders with juke and spin moves for that element of surprise. They practice these moves – the running equivalent is the kick. The element of surprise is achieved by being at the ready to attack, pounce, accelerate. Your first move should be your last move. Completely demoralize the opponent to mount a response.

Coordination: The kick is a holistic coordination of mind and body. Sharpening the reaction time between them helps to hardwire an automated response so the brain and the body act as one. Hence these exercises are intended to challenge higher level motor coordination, mental concentration, and rhythm. Improving your moves on the dance floor won’t hurt your performance on the track.

NBRKickClinic2014 (1)


  • Lean forward from the ankles. Use gravity to your advantage.
  • Always be on the balls of your feet. (case in point: milers in the 4:05-4:45 range, forefoot strikers spend 161 milliseconds on the ground, midfoot strikers spend 169 ms, and heel strikers spend 192 ms)
  • Legs reacting off the ground. According to Newton’s 3rd law, for every action, there is an equal and opposite reaction.
  • Shoulders, neck, and face relaxed.
  • Arms counterbalance the legs. When your legs say “no” make your arms say “go”!
  • If you watch sprinters’ arms, they don’t lock at 90 degrees. they are allowed to swing down and back. the opposite reaction is that the knees drive up and forward.
  • Optimal muscle and tendon tension – elastic energy storage to snap, crackle, pop off the ground
  • Stiffer muscle will store more energy than a looser muscle (like a rubber band)
  • Rapid stretch and contraction of muscles/tendons
  • Achilles stores 35% of kinetic energy and tendons in arch of foot store 17%. without these 2 mechanisms, VO2 required would be 30-40% higher
  • In order to properly utilize elastic mechanisms, the body must be in optimal position and muscles/tendons trained (through drills, sprints, plyometrics) to be at the ready and take action
  • Heel strike does not utilize achilles-calf complex
  • Stride rate and stride length directly contribute to speed

NBRKickClinic2014 (2)



Because the objective of this is to increase power and speed under fatigue and stress, it is important that the exercises are completed at the end of a run in a pre-fatigued state to maximize their impact. Incorporate once or twice/week on medium run days modified version after workouts at more advance stages of development. Never after long runs.

  1. 35/50 min medium effort run
  2. Speed Development Set: Each rep is done twice over roughly 25 meters always capped off by a light stride out.
  • Forward Arm Circle – relaxed arm swing back and forth or complete rotation with a light skip: example
  • A-Skipbeginner - walk it out, intermediate - skip, advanced - with a few steps running / key is to get your foot back to the ground quickly: example + advanced example
  • B-Skipbeginner – walk, intermediate - skip, advanced - with a run / key is focus less on the kick up and out, but to get the foot back down and claw back (again balls of your feet is the main point of contact with the ground) example + advanced example
  • Butt kick – continuous or with a few steps of running in between alternating legs / get the balls of your feet down to the ground quickly and back up: example
  • Ninja - walk or with a few steps of running / kick foot up to opposite hand and alternating sides: example
  • Spring Stomp – start by hopping lightly on both feet (both feet touch the ground at the same time) then bend and lift alternating leg twice as fast so that it comes up higher and moves faster to get back down and land at the same time as opposite foot: example (first drill)
  • Bounding – more explosive drills. perhaps best saved as a plyometric exercise of its own with hops and rocket jumps / maximize ratio of ground reaction force to ground reaction time

Stride: Hardwiring muscle fiber recruitment into running form

  • lean forward from the ankles; tall, straight back, engaged core, relaxed shoulders/neck/face
  • 6-8 second micro acceleration with every step
  • 3-5 second all out
  • as soon as you hit top speed, come out of it gently and end with a light jog emphasizing quick feet
  • walk back
  • repeat 6-8 times

NBRKickClinic2014 (12)


Wind Down:  7-10 min jog/walk if time


plyo drills

Couple great Running Times articles:

A Lethal Kick

Get Your Speed On

Couple others on sprinting and speed development:



NBRKickClinic2014 (11)

PS.  I think someone at Competitor was at the Kick Clinic.

Got Kick? by nbrwebjohn
August 13, 2014, 10:14 pm
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The Mindful Practice of Engaging and Developing Your Latent Power

Want to harness your body’s hidden resources?


August 23rd, Saturday, 10:00AM
McCarren Park after the Saturday Bridge Run!

Sign up HERE

Come join NBR members Teresa McWalters (All-American) and James Chu as they share practical strategies for increasing power and finding that extra gear to improve race performance. This information is useful at any level, and all paces are welcomed!

Sign up HERE

Questions? Email:

New (and old!) Member Happy Hour Wed Aug 6th 7:30-10pm on Northern Territory Rooftop by nbrwebjohn
July 31, 2014, 8:00 pm
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August 6th 2014,  Wednesday – 7:30 PM
 Northern Territory12Franklin St 11222

Join your teammates for a New Member Happy Hour on April 26th. We’ll be in the backyard at Beloved starting at 6:30 PM.

Hello there all you new pups! Have you been lurking in the Google Group but never been to a run? Do you not know what a fartlek is? Have you been to a couple of runs but never had a chance to really meet anyone?


NBR would like to welcome you to the pack with a happy hour geared especially for those who have recently joined, are thinking about joining, or have been here for years but still don’t know how to use the website! Everyone is welcome to join us on the rooftop of Northern Territory next Wednesday Aug 6th from 7:30 to 9:30/10.

This will be a great opportunity to: meet other new runners; meet some of the veterans; ask any questions you may have about the website, gear, races, tips, or any ol’ thang; or just talk about how awesome the neighborhood is and how smelly Newton Creek is! Seriously, it’s stinky.

You can come straight from home or work, but you can also join in one of the evening road runs and head over with some of the group after that. There is a 7pm Beginners Run (2mi), and a 7:30pm Road Run (intermediate, ~5mi). People will be walking over to the Happy Hour from both of these runs.

We don’t care if you’re sweaty, dressed to the 9’s, old, new, or if you’re stinkier than Newton Creek, we just want to get a chance to say hi! We look forward to seeing you there!

-NBR New Member Coordinators


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