April Runner of the Month: Jeff Poindexter

Jeff Poindexter first ran for NBR at the Red Hook Crit in May 2016. “I wanted to run for a local team that could possibly challenge and beat the best of NYC,” he says. Since then, he’s been surprised to watch how being part of NBR has helped him grow as a runner.

As someone who loves 200 meter races just as much of the marathon, Jeff’s become a standout on NBR’s local competitive team, and was chosen as April’s Runner of the Month.


What he does when not running: I work as a doorman/lifeguard for a residential building on the Upper East Side call the Concorde. 

How he first got into running: I've played sports my whole life. I was always one of the fastest. In elementary school, every year the physical fitness test came up and we had to run a mile. I used to eat skittles for energy during the mile. 

Best running memory: In high school, nine men including my brother and I won the regional meet. We were the underdogs, facing teams three times bigger than us.

Favorite post-race food: Pasta!

Favorite piece of running gear: Gore Windstopper 

Favorite song to get pumped up pre-run: Anything Juicy J

Favorite pro runners: Ryan Hall, Shalane Flanagan and Kip Lagat

Favorite running social media account: Runner’s World

Advice to running newbies: Don't be so quick to compare yourself to others. Be the best you. Take your time building mileage and take hard days hard, easy days easy. Do dynamic stretching before your run and static stretching after. Finally, water, water and agua!!!

Current running goal: I'm racing the Queens marathon and NYC marathon this year, thanks to NBR for the motivation.

Fun fact: When I'm not playing frogger in the streets of New York, I like to participate in some fitness modeling. You know, trying to inspire people.