How do I join NBR?

Just sign up for our Google Group. It will ask you to sign a waiver—that's your entry to the team.  Yes, we’re super $ free. The only other thing you have to do is come run with us.

How much does it cost?

It's free!

Are you sure?


Do I have to be fast to join?

Not at all. We have runners of all paces, from beginners to local competitive runners. If you're new to running, try the Monday Night Easy Run, Wednesday Night Beginner Run or Saturday Morning Bridge Run & Coffee.

Track Workouts on Thursdays are also a great way to build your speed—and you can't get left behind.

Can I be fast and join?

Yes. We’ve had a few Olympic Trials Qualifiers and many more to come that you’d love to run with (obv whilst we all compare our old college times). Pretty much the only run where you’ll be yelled at for your pace is the Monday Night Easy Run where they don’t let anyone run faster than 8 minute miles. If this upsets you, they quell the pace restrictions with runs that frequently end at breweries.

What time should I arrive at runs?

Most of us get there just about right when the run starts. Thursday Night Track hosts a warm-up 20 minutes before.

Which runs have bag check?

Monday Night Plyo, and the Track Workouts on Thursday morning and night.

How does racing under NBR work?

Well, we’re a major part of New York Road Runners but are also involved in other USATF and Greater Long Island Running Club races. Pretty much you just have to type our team name, “North Brooklyn Runners,” when entering a race when it asks if you’re affiliated with a club. If you’re into the more obscure events, pay attention to our Google Group. Unsanctioned races like Orchard Street Runners 10k and Take The Bridge are pretty damn fun and you can sign up under NBR with them too!

Are you fun?

Hells yes. Many of us found ourselves in Williamsburg without our crew : /  

Well, welcome to your new crew.  

Brunches aplenty and happy hours that make you happy. Good luck with your birthday party after you join us. To quote Jaws, “You’re gonna need a bigger boat.”

What's with all the animal names?

Honestly, we're not quite sure.

How does gear work?

As a free club, gear sales are our main source of income. Pick out what you want in our gear store, and you can either pay to have it shipped to you directly, or wait for an announcement on the Google Group about a scheduled time and place to pick it up (usually right after one of our runs) for no extra cost.

How do I find out what races NBR members are running?

People try to add what they’re running here. Yellow highlighted races are team points races.

What is “Local Competitive”?

Racing in NYC is sooooooo competitive. Races we would have won in smaller cities, we’ve instead started with frikkin’ Olympians next to us (yeahhh Paula Radcliff, Tirunesh Dibaba, Meb Keflezighi, Bernard Legat and Mary Keitany have all run NYC races). NBR’s NYRR scoring team is usually above 70% AG. LC has another email group you should add to your daily non-work emails. Check out this page to see if you qualify.

Where are these bins I keep hearing about?

Our favorite meeting spot. Look for the recycling bins on the northwest corner of the McCarren Park track, and a bunch of runners hanging out right by them.

Which running club in New York has the most runs per week?

NBR! (We are almost sure this statement is true.)

What if I can't run the full route?

Not a problem at all. Feel free to adjust the mileage as needed to suit your own training needs. A lot of us turn around early on long weekend runs, or add mileage to the beginning or end if we need to get more in. You do you! Just tell the Run Leader you’re dipping out.

Will somebody be running my pace?

Probably. We’ve got 5 min/mile 5kers through 14 min/mile 5kers. Check the pace range listed on each run's page. For Saturday and Sunday morning long runs, share your pace on the Google Group thread once the workout is posted so others can join you.

Is this all really free?

Yep. We got you.