NBR Board of Directors


Brinda Ayer

Joined NBR: Spring 2016, right before the Brooklyn Half Marathon
Why I joined: To find new friends; to get in shape; to build a community.
What I love about NBR: It's a group of such multifaceted, talented, interesting people, and such generous spirits. I learn something new every time I'm on a run with NBR. Also, the fierce team loyalty and pride really inspire me.
Favorite Race Distance: The marathon is best to race, and the mile is best to train for (wait, maybe I mean the opposite).
Favorite Race: NYCM or the Bronx 10 Mile or 5th Avenue Mile or the Red Hook Crit (GAH! Can't decide!)
Best Running Memory: This is tough! I think probably some kind of marathon-training long run where I thought I'd die and some teammate (Mike Hill?) magically appeared with a Gatorade and I knew all would be right in the world. Or running past Mile 12 during NCYM, both times I've run it.
Fun Fact: ...I've never lived in North Brooklyn (that's how much I knew I'd like y'all from the time I joined!).


Caitlin Shu

Team Captain

Joined NBR: I joined NBR in the summer of 2015 when I was training for my first 5k.

Why I joined: I was a ballet dancer for years, and a pretty good one. However, when I joined NBR, I was a horrible runner--bad form and could barely run a mile without walking. Honestly, I wanted to join a group to run with people and make running suck a little less. Soon after, my dislike for running turned into a love, and I haven't looked back since. Am I a better runner? Jury's still out on that one.

What I love about NBR: NBR is a club for the people: It's for new runners, tenured runners, casual runners, and professional runners alike. Being a part of NBR means being a part of an amazing community who races, cheers, and celebrates together. This team is a collective of the most generous people in New York who devote their time and energy to a club out of the goodness of their hearts, and that's pretty amazing.

Favorite Race Distance: It used to be my least favorite, but I've grown to really appreciate the 10k. It tests your training and race strategy, but doesn't hurt as much as a 5k or marathon.

Favorite Race: The New York Marathon! What an amazing race to run or to spectate -- truly one of the best days of the year.

Best Running Memory: Piling into a van with 11 other people and driving up to Easton, MA for the 'Gansett Summer Running Festival, racing either the 5k, 10k, or Half marathon and consuming (at least) twice as many beers as kilometers run. Greatest weekend ever.

Fun Fact: I placed 2nd in my age group at 5k race in Loudon, Tennessee (population, 5500). My prize was a ribbon and a fried chicken sandwich.


Anna McCusker
Team Captain

Joined NBR: 2009

Why I joined: To train with a team.

What I love about NBR: Our runs are open to everyone. That’s pretty awesome.

Favorite Race Distance: 4 milers

Favorite Race: The Pulaski Classic of course!

Best Running Memory: Winning the Mooathon Half Marathon in Ireland because a farm dog chased me for two miles. By the time I realized it was friendly, I had dropped the second place female. After the race, she told me she slowed down because I picked up the pace so much. Thanks farm dog whose bark was way bigger than its size!

Fun Fact: I beat Paula Radcliffe in a 10k once. She was 6 months pregnant and running it for fun but it still counts!


Natalie Gleed

Joined NBR: Late 2015
Why I joined: I'd just moved to Brooklyn and wanted to meet some people to run and socialize with in the neighborhood
What I love about NBR: So many things! The opportunity to meet people from different backgrounds and become really good friends with them. The camaraderie and team spirit. The amazing volunteers. The drinking. And it's all free!

Favorite Race Distance: Half marathon. Not too long, not too short.
Favorite Race: NYC half; I've run it every year since 2013. Not sure why through; it's always freezing cold!
Best Running Memory: Running 18 miles of the 2018 NYC marathon with 4 NBR teammates. The cheers when we passed through the mile 12 water table were incredible

Fun Fact: I used to deliberately avoid running at school by hiding at a friend's house during gym class.


Jim Iseman
Member at Large

Joined NBR: 2016

Why I joined: I wanted to explore my potential as runner.

What I love about NBR: It's a big, open, inclusive, and competitive group. I've met so many people of different backgrounds that I never would have met had I not joined the group.

Favorite Race Distance: The Mile

Favorite Race: 5th Ave Mile, Anything at the Armory (Mile to 5K)

Best Running Memory: Night at The Races - 3000 Meters, Jan 11, 2017. It was my first ever race on a track and the first time I ever wore spikes. There is something about the rhythm and the competitive nature of the track that makes me feel very alive. Grabbing post-race beers and burgers at Coogan's also rocks.

Fun Fact: Never ran more than once a week (and usually not even that) until I joined NBR in August of 2016.


Becca Ades
Member at Large

Joined NBR: 2009 - I don't even remember how it came to be--if I saw a flyer or just ran into people at the track. Either way, I'm sure glad I did.

Why I Joined: I joined NBR to run with a community of people--I've ran my whole life and I can definitely attest to the fact that it's way more fun to run with people than alone.

What I love about NBR: I love that NBR is a supportive community that brings people together to run. It's incredible that NBR is completely free and volunteer led and has really become a permanent fixture in so many people's lives.

Favorite Race Distance: The 5k. I think it's such a perfect distance--you get to push yourself to the edge and experience a roller coaster of emotions over the course of minutes..

Favorite Races: The BAA 5k! It's a completely flat course to kick off the Boston marathon weekend and just ends up being a great event to celebrate running.

Best Running Memory: In 2016, I decided I wanted to try the marathon and go after breaking three. I attempted it three times, and that last time in Chicago, watching the clock tick up in the two-fifties as I was coming down the last straight away--well, I think that was just one of those very special moments in running, where you see your efforts all come together in the ways it never has before. I think that's really what makes a race that much more special: being successful where you have failed before. Running's really a great philosophy for life. You keep at something with the belief that with just the right amount of hard work and perhaps a little luck something that once seemed impossible might just be possible

Fun Fact: I ran the 3000 meter steeplechase in college. It will always be my favorite track event.


Seth Pompan
Member at Large

Joined NBR: 2016
Why I joined: To get better at training, but mainly to meet new friends.

What I love about NBR: : I love that we're a group that allows anyone to be as competitive or casual as you want to be. Also the support we give each other to push each other to do our best or have fun. Sometimes both.

Favorite Race Distance: The half marathon, but the 4 miler is starting to creep up there.

Favorite Race: The Liverpool Half Marathon since you run by all these Beatles sites, Brooklyn Half because I love races that don't loop back to the start, and Pride Run because of the free popsicles.

Best Running Memory: Spring of 2010, when I taught myself to run. I was a heavy kid growing up, lost a lot of weight in my 20's, and didn't start running until I was 30. I taught myself by doing the loops of central park. Starting with the lower loop and just keep making them bigger over weeks and months. I honestly never thought I would ever be able to run a mile, but it was amazing to see the progress when I put in the time and effort.

Fun Fact: I play in guitar (and sometimes drums, harmonica, and keyboards) in a cover band with some friends I've known most of my life.