Local Competitive Team


The Local Competitive groups were created as forums for regionally competitive runners to support each other in training and competitive racing. The goals of the groups are to foster excellence in personal achievement, and to provide competitive runners opportunities to train and race together. The groups promote and encourage a commitment to competitive running, teamwork, and the highest standards of sportsmanship.

Mens Captain: Ciaran Odonovan
Email: menslocalcompetitive@northbrooklynrunners.org

Womens Captain: Kaitlyn DiBello
Email: womenslocalcompetitive@northbrooklynrunners.org


Men and Women who have raced at a regionally competitive level may join the LC team. 

Regionally competitive is determined by one of the following:

  1. Racing under NBR at 70%+ age-graded time in at least 2 separate races (one of which must be longer than a mile)

  2. Previous collegiate or post-collegiate times that meet any of the following:


Mile - 4:54
5k - 16:59
10k - 35:16
Half-Marathon - 1:18:38
Marathon - 2:45:29


Mile - 5:28
5k - 18:59
10k - 39:26
Half-Marathon - 1:27:54
Marathon - 3:04:58

Members who have previously met the standards of the LC team, but who are unable to currently compete due to illness, pregnancy/parenthood, travel or other extenuating circumstances may remain active on the online forum as long as they continue to provide support and guidance to the team. NBR members working towards the 70%+AG standard can join provisionally as long as they have both of the following:

  1. A recommendation from a current LC member who will serve as a sponsor/mentor to help the provisional member achieve:

  2. A clear racing goal that meets the 70%+ standard within 6 months of joining the group.

The standards for each member will be reviewed each year on July 1st.
Each LC member and provisional member must race in at least 2 NYRR races per year.

Meet the criteria for Local Competitive? Email Men's or Women's local competitive captains and let us know!