Team Stats Look Back

It’s been 10 years since the three runners sharpied “NBR” on their shirts and raced as a team. In 2009, 76 runners raced under NBR that year. That number grew to 596 in 2018.


NBR has been getting a lot more masters runners out to races. There were 8 in 2009 and 140 in 2018.


NBR has been consistently adding new members. Thank you New Member Coordinators and Run Leaders for always being so welcoming!


This goes for masters runners too. Note that the chart below only includes runners who first join NBR as Masters and not runners already on NBR who turn 40.


NBR continues to have a big presence at NYRR races with 2418 finishes last year with 588 of those finishes from Masters runners.


The most popular distance in 2018 was the half marathon with 586 finishes. The half has a big lead all time too with 4185 total finishes.


Cumulatively, NBR ran 21,658 miles last year and masters runners ran 5,334 of those miles! That’s almost enough to run around the world. Maybe we’ll get there next year.


And here are the runners that go beyond 9+1 and helped us get those total miles up.


In NYRR’s Club Points standings, NBR finished 5th and 4th in the Open A Men and Women’s categories. This means we’ll be taking home top 5 award plaques! For Masters 40+, NBR finished 5th and 12th. And in Masters 50+, NBR finished 2nd and 22nd. There’ll be another plaque for NBR in the Masters 50+ category. Below are number of points races each runner has scored in. There are usually 3 or 5 scorers per race, but NBR dozens of runners score and dozens more who also trained and finished just outside the top spots. Thank you to everyone who showed up and raced throughout the year!

Happy 2019 and good luck on all your races!