Saturday Bridge Run & Coffee

Time: 9:00 AM

Distance: 3–4 miles

Pace: All! 7:00–10:30+ minutes per mile

Effort: Moderate to Comfortably Hard, depending on how hard you want to make it.

Workout Type: Casual, Hill Run

Meeting Point: South 5th St. & South 5th Place (Near Citi Bikes on Brooklyn side of Williamsburg Bridge/Southwest corner of Continental Army Plaza)

Led by: Sherry, Alena, Jen & Nathan

This is a fun run for everyone and a great way to start the weekend. All runners welcome. You can’t be too fast or too slow. It’s a run for anyone who loves running, loves coffee, or loves NBR. New members welcome!

We run over the Williamsburg bridge and back at any pace you like. If you’re feeling spunky, run part of the bridge twice. Or turn around part way. Then it’s onto coffee.

Coffee locations will be announced each week in advance on the Google Group, anyone is welcome to just meet up with the group for coffee a little before 10 AM.

Alena, Nathan, Jen & Sherry

Alena, Nathan, Jen & Sherry