'Just South' Tuesday Morning Tempo

Time: 6:30 AM sharp!

Distance: 3-6 miles

Pace: Open, but recommended for those with some background in faster training (not recommended as your first run with NBR)

Effort: Comfortably Hard to Very Hard

Workout Type: Tempo Run

Meeting Spot: Grand Army Plaza (Prospect Park)

Led by: Ryan Y. & Jen M.

Whether you're in heavy training for a marathon or getting serious about running faster for the first time (or anywhere in between), the Just South Tuesday AM Tempo Run can help. Our workouts are designed to help you race your best at the two perigees of the NYC running calendar—the NYC Marathon in the fall, the Brooklyn Half in spring—but anyone training with any goal in mind will see improvements.

This run tends to draw experienced runners who have a solid grasp on faster training and are running to improve their times, but absolutely anyone is welcome. So if you don't know what a fartlek is, show up and learn!