Mourning Doves

Do you like to (to quote J. Cole) “hit it in the morning / the sun rising while you moanin’”? Then *f* the Monday NITE OWLS, and introducing the official Wednesday MOURNING DOVES run!

Time: 6:00 AM

Distance: ~ 10 miles

Pace: 6:30 min/mi - 9:00 min/mi

Effort: Comfortably Hard

Workout Type: Medium-distance Recovery Run

Meeting Spot: Recycle bins at the north side of McCarren Park track

Led by: Marie, Rebecca, & Sue

This run is recommended for runners who want to build their mileage to train better for races. Weʼll usually suggest a turnaround point if youʼd prefer a shorter run. We call that halfsies (not DNF) and we won’t mock you for it.

  • Pace: Open. Like our hearts. Not recommended as your very first NBR run, but you are still welcome. We usually split into two or three pace groups: one running about 6:30-7 minute miles, another about 7:30-8 minute miles, and another approximately 8:30-9 minute miles. If you canʼt maintain an 8mm pace for an extended period, you’re still welcome to join us!, but we recommend knowing the route, bringing a buddy, or posting on the google group to see if anyone wants to run that morning at your pace.
  • Your fearless leaders: Miriam & Marie. Your alternate leader: Sue. Your co-founder: Emma. And our inspiration: Todd “The Diurnal Owl”.


  • Can I hit it in the morning without giving you half of my dough, and even worse if I was broke would you want me? Yes, you can, and yes, we would.
  • Should I wear mourning attire? Only if it’s spandex.
  • May I bring my pet dove? No.
  • Not even if it dresses in mourning? No.
  • What’s the worst run ever? The NITE OWL. Seriously, the worst.

Some standard routes: (Please check the NBR Google Group for what weʼll be running that particular week.)