Salmon Run

First Friday of Every Month

Time: 7:30 AM, every first Friday of the month

Distance: 1.6 miles upstream

Pace: All paces welcome

Effort: Very, very comfortable

Workout Type: Easy, fun, fishy

Route: Upstream to Acme Smoked Fish

Meeting Spot: Recycle Bins at the north side of McCarren Park Track

Led by: John

The Salmon Run happens monthly on the first Friday of the month. Meet at the McCarren Park recycling bins at the north end of the track at 7:30 AM for a low-key run (about 2 miles at a conversational pace). We’ll bring a dozen bagels from Peter Pan and some cream cheese. We’ll do the standard run: up Driggs, left on Humboldt, and left on Calyer to Banker and backwards down Meserole and Gem St. to Acme Smoked Fish. We’ll arrive just as they open at 8:00 to take advantage of their Friday AM smoked fish sale.

With our fish in hand we’ll continue down Kent to East River Park for a brunch by the river. If someone wants to volunteer to pick up coffee and meet us at the park that would be great! Any brunch contributions, more bagels or bagel toppings, etc. are welcome. Pink regalia is encouraged. Non-fish eaters welcome. See you there!