Thursday Night Track Workout


Time: Warmed up and ready to start at 7:30 PM

Distance: 3-5 miles

Pace: Open to all—individualized to your pace

Effort: Usually a Moderate to Hard Workout

Workout Type: Track Workout

Meeting Spot: Recycle bins at the north side of McCarren Park track

Led by: James, Carrie, Liz & Nathan


We structure each weekly workout to get you in shape for the next club points race and most major fall and spring marathons. The goal of the track workout is to train the body to run faster than it normally would during a longer run. We keep the distances short for this very reason. In running faster, the body develops those fast-twitch muscles we would all die for. By training to run faster, even at these short distances, the body also learns to respond quicker to the brain, helping you to run more efficiently. There is a limited recovery between (this builds endurance!) which will get you through those races where you would otherwise burn out by the end.

All paces are encouraged to come out. Each workout is paced according to your recent/goal race pace. For help calculating your pace based on recent performances, use this helpful calculator.


A few notes for newer and slower runners:

TRACK IS FOR YOU! We've been hearing from a lot of folks that track is only for fast, hardcore runners. This is a myth! The best way to get more comfortable with speed is to practice. (I used to spend my school days getting nauseated thinking about track workouts. And it wasn't until I started coming to Hellkatz on the regular did that fear go away, my speed got better, and now I help lead the workout.)

And the good thing about track work is you won't get left behind (just keep turning left).

Here is a good article on beginner track workouts.

-Heather Irvine, former AM Track Run Leader